DoctorKePaas is a 'connected healthcare ecosystem infrastructure' that has been designed to bridge the gap between healthcare service providers and consumers for authentic & sustained service delivery. AI based Clinical Decision Support(CDS) system, EHR analytic, Appointment scheduling with virtual clinics and waiting queues, Drugs, Laboratory and Pharmacy information system are the core component of this platform. DoctorKePaas can be integrated with Hospitals, Pathology labs & Drugs retailer internally to facilitate their services directly to Patient.

DoctorKePaas Clinical Assistance Platform empower regular health workers to capture(and manage) patients health conditions effectively by providing assistance to identify relevant Clinical Signs and Investigations(via connected & non-connected medical equipments). DoctorKePaas also provides a remote consultation interface to share the captured patient data with healthcare professionals for realtime diagnosis(and generates digital prescription). This practice also help healthcare professionals to consult with higher number of patients in lesser time which is uncommon with traditional EHR platforms that consumed most of physician's time for data filling activities.

DoctorKePaas fortify the foundation of healthcare delivery by enabling:

  • AVAILABILITY of Clinically trained and equipped workforce
  • ACCESSIBILITY of Quality Healthcare services on people convenience
  • AFFORDABILITY of Healthcare services via self-sustained operational model
  • ACCEPTABILITY of Digital healthcare services among peoples

At present DoctorKePaas Clinical Assistance Platform is being used in India(3 states), Africa(4 countries) and Chile(upcoming homecare project) by the regional healthcare service providers.


  1. Clinical assistance during patient visit

    • Assist health workers to ask relevant questions & conduct physical observations to capture patient's health conditions like a trained clinician
    • Medical practitioners to diagnose those patients effectively in lesser time
  2. Virtual OPD/Clinic facility with waiting queue

    • Hospital alike opd facility that creates centralised consulting room for multi specialist
    • Multi-specialty healthcare professional can provide consultation simultaneously
    • Centeralized appointment scheduling facility for geographically distributed practicenors
    • Autonomous distribution of scheduled appointment as per Doctors availability
    • Dedicated Patient waiting queue for linked OPDs
    • Generate the printable e-prescription for every remote consultation with Doctors e-signature
  3. Centeralized PHCK facility to manage patient records

    • Dedicated access for health operator to register new or manage existing patients record/EHR
    • Feature to conduct patient health assessment & schedule appointment with authorised OPD
    • One click instant appointment booking facility with multi-speciality doctors
  4. HD Video conference facility

    • High quality video that will work on low bandwidth network also
    • Use 50% less bandwidth than Skype, Cisco video conference etc
    • End-to-end encryption without a man-in-the-middle listener
  5. eCAP core remore care kit

    • eCAP core is an IoT hardware device that integrate data from various connected & non-connected clinical equipments
    • With pre-installed DoctorKePaas eCAP client software, it used to record & share Patient vitals/EHR
    • Designed to transmit real time EHR data with online or offline connectivity
    • Consume lesser power & don't required any clinical expertise for day to day operations
    • Can measure 46 vitals including Blood test(17), Urine test(15), ENMscope etc.
    • Equipped with world class clinically approved medical devices and equipments
  6. Online health records management

    • Highly secured & robust data store compiled with RAID Standard
    • Stores data in machine readable format only
    • Convert physical medical record(image,pdf) to digital health record
  7. Doctor profile management

    • Personalised portal to manage day-to-day access
    • Option to manage profile details & consultation time
    • Manage scheduled appointment & join video consultation
  8. Patient profile management

    • Personalised portal to monitor their Physical conditions
    • Option to upload/view/share & download medical records
    • Manage personal details like age, gender & communication details
  9. Integrated Pharmacy & Pathology lab

    • Centralised gateway to provide pharmacy and pathology services altogether
    • Automatically delivery of generated prescription to specify pharmacy & pathology lab
    • Separate interface for pharmacy & pathology lab to track and process the user request
  10. Statistics analysis

    • Tabular and graphical interface to track & generate periodically statistics report
    • Multiple category like location, disease & area to classify People statistics
  11. Additional feature

    • Secured by 256-bit TLS encrypted connection
    • Multilingual support in 4 regional languages (with Professional/Enterprise plan only)
    • Generate the digitaly signed e-prescription after every consultation
    • Online payment collection with real time payment tracking & refund facility. Support
    • payment in 27 foreign currencies and widest range of payment options which includes
    • Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Cash Cards, and Mobile Payments
    • System define notification delivery to all users via email and sms
    • Easily accessible from any devices like mobile, tablet, laptop or computers
    • No installation required to access this facility

Electronic Clinical Assistance Platform(eCAP) core is an IoT hardware device that has been disgned to facilitate the full fledged primary and secondary healthcare services at any remote location. Manufactured and developed at our R&D lab, eCAP can connect multiple clinical sensors and peripheral devices.

This device can transmit patient data in real time on low bandwidth network or WITHOUT INTERNET connections. Its consume lesser power & don't required any clinical expertise for day to day operations.

Functional specifications

Provides clinical assistance to health worker for capturing patient's health conditions by guiding him during health assessment process and investigations. It can detect and diagnose the common health conditions, Anemia, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD), Non communicable diseases(NCDs) including CVDs, Diabetes, Chronic lung disease, Kidney disese, Eye, Ear, Nose, Mouth, Skin, IVF and Reproductive system disorders, UTIs, Cancer, Child & Mother care etc.

Clinical and peripheral equipments

  • Blood pressure & pulse analyser
  • Blood test analyser(17 vitals)
  • Body composition analyser(8 vitals)
  • Dermatoscope(Skin/Hair)
  • ENMscope(Ear/Nose/Mouth)
  • Stethoscope
  • Thermometer
  • Urine test analyser(15 vitals)
  • Peripheral devices like Cameras, Mic, Speaker, Scanner, Printer, LED TVs and Bioinformatics sensors